New Website in Development



Welcome to our new website. It's been long overdue an update, but we're usually too busy helping clients meet their needs to look at our own website and remember it needed an overhaul.

Covid has given us a bit of breathing space to finally get around to it.


We have rewritten it using Umbraco v8. This is one of the leading .NET Content Management Systems (CMS). As a .NET developer I find it highly intuitive and easy to extend. You can install it into your website as a nuget package in Visual Studio (we'll be doing some blog posts in the near future on creating an Umbraco website).


That intuitive nature does just extend to developers and the setting up of the website. Feedback from clients and the less technical users that just want to focus on writing content, is that it is more intuitive and easy to use than other systems they have used.

So we are now live and this is our first post.

There will be more in the near future. The site is still in development so will also be changing. Check in soon or get in touch on our contact page.

upcoming blog posts we'll soon be launching

upcoming blog posts we'll soon be launching

Soon to launch articles

We're working on some interesting new technologies and projects. We'll be documenting some of that here.

  • Creating an app in Blazor
  • Creating a website in Umbraco v8
  • Using Orchard Core as a headless CMS

Plus on top of that we'll also be doing a few posts giving our opinions on the different Content Management Systems we use, looking at some of the options for hosting as well as discussing various topics pertinent to the world of software development.